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On 30th December 2022 John passed suddenly on arrival in India. John had travelled from Germany to run an advanced Dog training and behaviour course.

Further details from the post mortem were released to the family in February which indicated the cause of death to be “significant heart attack”.

A celebration of John’s life will be held on the 5th April at Fishburn Airfield starting at 12:30.

Address: Avaitor Bistro Cafe, Fishburn Airfield, Ferryhill DL17 9DY

We look forward to meeting those who have notified us that they will be attending. Even if you are unable to attend and wish to share any photographs or memories please contact Miya Guo via Facebook or use the contact page on this website.

If you wish to post a message to the family, please do so below.

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  1. A very dear friend and mentor, Patricia Sears, introduced me to John in 2002 and his was the first dog behaviour course I attended…and it positively shaped my future.

    Being invited by John to train as his Associate was a privilege. His selflessness to share many years of experience and knowledge to educate others for the benefit of dogs was second to none.

    And this sense of generosity extended beyond the realm of dogs and I will be forever grateful:

    As a talented musician, John shared his love of music with friends, family and students across the globe. I shall never forget the surprising trip to Phantom of the Opera in London’s West End.

    A keen aviator, John encouraged people to accept new challenges such as flying with him in his self-built aircraft. His aptly tail-numbered G-DOGZ was the first plane I took control of in-flight and is an opportunity I will always remember.

    Without the generosity of John and his then-wife, Moira, I would never have lived my best life with GSD-Lurcher, Woody. They took care of him for a few weeks after I fell in love with him on a residential course at their home after he was selected by John from the local RSPCA to be a stooge…there was always one person who left a course with one more dog than they arrived with and once upon a time that was me. But I couldn’t have done so without the expert care and loving attention that John and Moira provided.

    Thank you John for everything; including your cheeky sense of fun with the setting of seemingly impossible tasks that always brought much laughter.

    Out unique relationship is one I will treasure forever.

    Long may you be remembered for your contribution to engineering, aviation and the world of dogs.

    And a massive WOOF to you from dogs all over the world who would say thank you if they could.

  2. Rosie Hodnett

    I am shocked and saddened to hear of John’s sudden death. I had the very great privilege of training with him in the mid 1980’s. He was such an inspirational teacher and taught how to train dogs by understanding its behaviour and building a true partnership. he gave his time and knowledge so generously and has been my guru and guide for all these years. John will be missed throughout the whole world.
    My sincere condolences to all his family.

  3. Audra Hurst

    It is still hard to believe that I won’t be tracking with John again. So generous with his time and knowledge, I will miss his stories, his company and his genuine desire to see people and their dogs building their partnerships and enjoying time together.
    Over the years John developed some of the most enjoyable and inventive courses around, imparting his vast knowledge in accessible and fun ways and helping so many dogs and owners along the way. I will never forget his CSI course back in about 2004, had never been on anything quite like it before! Genius. Thank you for all of it John.
    Thinking of John’s close friends and family, and my heart goes out to you Miya.
    You will be truly missed John. A dog training legend and a lovely, lovely man.

    1. Hi
      I posted on my own website earlier, before I found this page. John and I had lost touch recently but my memories of John go back to the early 80s through dog training of course, he also wrote for my magazine Smart Dogs, we hosted a number of Johns workshops at IABTC. I loved his attitude towards his CSI course, he came and delivered it and then said, now you run it, and we still do to this day. We shared many music interests too and we met up for these on occasions. My late husband Mick White shared similar engineering and woodwork backgrounds with John so they were often away in another world together. We shared lots of laughs, many musical moments and will never forget the times spent with him both in the UK and in India. In conjunction with KCAI assessing in India John invited me to guest instruct at one of his workshops, we later shared a holiday in Kerala. It was a very special time.
      John and I shared mutual respect. He often pointed people in my direction as an instructor of instructors and I never stopped recommending people to go on his workshops, he was an awesome speaker, and a great thinker. Though we were not in each others pockets, I knew I always had a friend and personal aligh, and I feel I have lost a formidable friend. I like to think of John now having a great chin wag with Mick up in their new place, John giving Mick a bit of gentle ribbing but all in good part.
      I can’t be there at his celebration, but will be having a private celebration with a few friends who have their own stories to tell of times with the great man.
      Angela White

  4. Zhang li

    I am so saddened until now, the world has lost a great person. I lost my great teacher and friend, miss you forever.

  5. Sally Bartlett

    I’ve only just seen this post. I am so very sad to hear this news. I attended several of John’s face to face dog training sessions and completed his gruelling distance learning course, after which he invited me to be an associate on successful completion. I learned so much from John, more than all of the other courses I’ve done put together. I loved his sense of humour, his encouragement, his common sense approach and huge, huge knowledge and sixth sense of dogs. Happy flying wherever you and and may you be surrounded by dogs. I’m very sad to know that I won’t be seeing you again on this earth. xx

  6. Roger

    I am very saddened from hearing of john passing. John was a remarkable person of many talents. He contributed considerably to promoting light aviation in North East England with his aircraft over many decades.
    RIP John with a warm hanger & blue skies
    My thoughts and feelings are with all the family & Miya. I send you all my heartfelt condolences.
    Roger (Ed iter NEStrut Flyer)

  7. Roger

    I am very saddened from hearing of john passing. John was a remarkable person of many talents. He contributed considerably to promoting light aviation in North East England with his aircraft over many decades.
    RIP John with a warm hanger & blue skies
    My thoughts and feelings are with all the family & Miya. I send you all my heartfelt condolences.
    Roger (Ed iter NEStrut Flyer)

  8. Eva

    Already more then two weeks ago the sad news came… we still think of all those wonderfull memories year after year John visited us in Belgium! The sun was always there, so much fun, so much simple pleasures just being with happy dogs and people… never to be forgotten! All the best from his friends in Belgium …

  9. Linda Courtney

    So sad to hear of John’s passing. Learnt so much from him in person on courses and from his books. my dogs and I have such a great relationship thanks to John’s ways,. Thinking of you.

  10. Mick and Dorothy Harvey

    Sorry to hear about John’s passing.A wonderful dog man,we met him a few both at home and working trials.Our sympathy to his family.

  11. Christine Redfearn

    Such sad news, my sympathy goes to Miya and all his family at this time. I met John many years ago and went on his courses whenever I could. My Monty fell in love with Miya and John at first sight, well who wouldnt. John was the best of the best and will be sorely missed.

  12. Christine Redfearn

    So sad to hear this news, John was a remarkable man, I met him many years ago and went on many courses of his over the years. He taught me and everyone else such a lot. My thoughts are with Miya and his family at this time.


  13. Mick Harvey

    Just found out John had passed away.Met John in the eighties at Working trials in Yorkshire.A brilliant dog trainer,came Leeds a couple of times to give talks on dog behaviour and training.Will greatly missed by people in the dog world.Our heartfelt sympathy to his family.Mick and Dorothy Harvey.

  14. Nel Eyre

    I’ve come back here to check I read this correctly; like everyone I am so shocked and saddened by the news that John has died. He was my guru, and the most influential man throughout all my dog training years. I met him back in the early eighties, and drove up every Wednesday for Trials training. I have his autograph on his books, and I pull them out to re-read every time I have a new pup, or a new problem. His humour and generosity have been well documented above, and I can testify to that. My deepest condolences to his family and friends at this most difficult time. I hope our combined and individual love for the man will bring you some comfort in the months to come.

  15. Sue Chambers

    Shocked and saddened to hear John has died.

  16. Celia Bourne

    Around thirty years ago as an interested pet dog owner I asked John Fisher where I should go to learn more about dog training and behaviour. He suggested a residential course in Durham with John Rogerson. Little did I know that that first week in Ferryhill would change my life for ever. Within an hour of arriving the evening before the course started I found myself playing the spoons with the other course participants and gazing into Magic Eye pictures. I learned so much on that course and the many others I attended over the years. They were inspirational and enormous fun. Who would ever forget the legendary International Number Nine Club with its initiation ceremony? Then followed five years of living with John and Moira and the privilege of training with them and all the lovely folk who spent so many hours teaching me about Working Trials, helping me with my dogs and sitting around the kitchen table discussing dogs, dogs, dogs. John also tried to help my fear of flying by taking me up in his little G-DOGZ plane and getting me to fly it while I sat there rigid with fright! They were such happy times. I still cannot believe John has gone. I’m indebted to him for sharing his knowledge and unique approach to dog training, for giving me the confidence to develop my career with dogs and pushing me to do things I didn’t believe I could. We will all miss him. My condolences to all his many friends and family.

  17. Natalie Perzylo

    I heard him speak at the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers – in the States (as it was referred to back then) in 2010. I was so taken aback of his intimate knowledge of dogs that when he said that he does dog training in India—- well, the perfect excuse to visit a country. I might have been the first to sign up!

    John & Maia came to New Zealand to do workshops, a 5 day CSI camp, and courses that I organised (April 2016). Hard work but was so rewarding !!! What fun!

    He was an amazing dog trainer who we reference all the time. He’s definitely influenced our training! Our dogs thank him!

    Farewell my friend!
    I know which heaven you’re going to! 🙂

  18. Shams Lakhani

    Sad news of John passing away. Deeply saddened. Great loss to community worldwide. Condolences to John’s family and near & dear ones. What an amazing teacher and human being John was. May his soul R.I.P. 🙏🏼

  19. So very very sorry to hear of Johns passing. Have quite a few lovely memories as attended many courses of his over the years. He had a natural in depth knowledge of dogs and how to train them.
    I went to his house once and he showed me the spitfire he was rebuilding. A very quiet and lovely man.
    Sympathies to all his family. RI.P. John

  20. Marie Miller

    Thinking of John’s family at this sad time. John helped to ignite my interest in dog training and behaviour … his teaching encouraged me to think outside the box, to gain the confidence to work in the way I believed was right. He was generous with his time and knowledge and will be missed the many who’s lives he touched.

  21. JoJo

    Rest in peace and thank you for the contribution to the dogs around the world. You added lots of value and though provoking themes. I will cherish the memories in India. Sending healing and comfort to your family.

  22. Louise Glazebrook

    Dear John, you changed the world of dog training and behaviour. Your legacy forever lives on and on. Thank you for al that you taught and showed us. For the most amazing teachings in India. That time for me was life changing in so many levels. Thank you. L X

  23. Al Bunyan

    I’m am saddened to hear the news and a great loss to the dog world. You ignited my desire to learn animal behaviour and started me in the dog training journey in the late eighties. I will always be grateful to you.

  24. Jackie Ellis

    Just heard the devastating news of the passing of John the amazing mentor to so many of us, and great inspiration to us personally sending prayers to your family you will be sadly missed John xxxx
    Paul and Jackie xxxx

  25. Janet Fridge

    Such a shock to learn John has left us! He was such a great trainer, with some very unique approaches to problem-solving. I thoroughly enjoyed the times we spent together ….. and learned a lot from his workshops. A brilliant trainer, teacher and a good friend…. and a prankster for sure 😉 He will be sorely missed by so many! Rest in peace, John.

  26. Pam Hammond

    Can’t believe you’ve gone John. Some of your words and those oh so dry humorous comments will stick with me forever. You taught me so much. Thank you.
    Sending love and empathy to your family now
    R.I.P. John X

  27. Kairyn

    He was a great man, learned so much from him.
    Sympathy to his family. RIP John.

  28. Angelika

    I’m so very shocked & saddened to hear of Johns passing, I greatly admired John & his great generosity towards newbies in dog training,
    He will be greatly missed
    I feel very fortunate to have met him

  29. Lauralea Oliver

    So sad to hear of John’s sudden passing. He was a critical piece of my career and I will be forever grateful. Love and light to all who kew and loved him.

  30. Gwen Bailey

    Ah, John, I’m so sorry to hear this. A lifetime ago, I learnt more than I could ever have imagined from this man. He had a unique way of looking at life from a dog’s perspective and his generosity in sharing so much with everyone gave us all a head start in our desire to bring positivity to the world of training and behaviour. I have so many fond memories of his courses and made so many lifetime friends as a result. RIP John knowing that you changed the world for the better for so many animals and people.

  31. Carrie Evans

    John planted a seed which has grown beyond belief in the UK and worldwide, inspiring a new era of dog training and behaviour. He will be sadly missed by those he shared his knowledge and experience with. Thank you John for setting so many of us on the path we lead now. Rest in peace

  32. Annie Angell

    Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I learned so much from from him and I am forever grateful for it. Rest in peace.

  33. Peggy Duezabou

    I am saddened, and heartbroken on the news of John’s passing. He was one of a kind, and he encouraged myself and many others to take “the [road] less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” (with a nod to poet Robert Frost)

  34. Vickie Prichard

    Sympathy to his family thinking of you at this very sad time . One of the good guys an amazing and inspiring trainer.

  35. I’m so very sorry to learn of John’s death and cannot imagine how hard this is for his family. Please know there is huge love and sorrow for you from all around the world. Another of Iohn’s former students here. His kindness, humour and truely gifted knowledge has been passed on all around the world and benefitted so many lives across species.

  36. Per-Olov Kindgren

    Dear Miya, Nicky and all of Johns family and friends.
    I am heartbroken. Words are worthless in a situation like this. John was a wonderful man, tutor and friend. He did so many good things for so many people that had the privilege of crossing his path on this Earth. As a guitarist, he gave me, not only his friendship, but also 2 guitars he made himself in his hangar beside his airplanes. He showed me, with his humor, intelligence and compassion how to treat all people with love and respect.
    I am so sad right now, it is hard to see the keyboard and screen clearly…
    I received an email from him only 7 days ago. That it would be the last one, I had no idea.
    My thoughts are with Miya and his far away sons.
    R.I.P dear John. You are already missed but I am sure the Angels are having a Party “up there” because you will play the guitar and sing a funny song to them.
    Per-Olov Kindgren

  37. Katy Renny

    An amazing man. Not just a dog trainer but an innovator, a great teacher, fun and giving.
    Your teachings live on, as I often say to myself when training – “What would John do?”
    My deepest sympathy to Miya and family.

  38. Amy Herot

    So saddened to hear of this immense loss to the dog training community. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. He inspired so many trainers. I will forever be grateful for all that I learned from him and how he got me to think about dogs and our emotional connection with them. We will miss you John.

    1. So it must be true. . I was expecting a John style twist but alas reality bites. I too started my career with John through his late friend Mary Owens. These two gray trainer who were so generous with their knowledge inspired me to emulate them.
      Dogs trusted them so I did . Thank you for setting me on my path of passion.
      ‘ Dog training can be summed up by providing an opportunity to learn or removing the opportunity to learn’

      Thank you John for providing the opportunity to learn and to have fun.😀

  39. Grace Carswell

    It is with shock and extreme sadness I heard of John’s passing. He was such an inspiration to me and to so many others. John was that rare human that was so talented he made everything look so easy. I enjoyed welcoming him to Ireland for his courses many times and I know he enjoyed the Guinness!! John was not only an incredible dog trainer but also an incredible teacher and was just great fun, he definitely brought his own sence of humour to everything. It was an honour and privilege to have known John, and the world (especially the dog world) will be an emptier place without him. John always spoke about being your dogs role model, well I can absolutely say John was mine for the 16 years I knew him. Along with other dog trainers we couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and now John has passed the batten to each and everyone of us. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and I’m sure there’s been a rush of paws to welcome him up above. I’ll try keep smiling John but its through sad tears, and here’s hoping it smiles back ! RIP John xox

  40. Jayne Scott

    My deepest sympathies to John’s family including Miya and Nicky. I can only imagine what you are going through. Jayne (and Storm).

  41. Neil bibey

    Great great trainer ,
    I went on a number of courses with John in Durham
    My thoughts with his family
    Thank you for your knowledge John the dog world has lost a true legend

  42. Zoe Alexander

    So shocked and saddened to hear of John’s passing. Such a kind and knowledgeable man, he has helped many people and many more dogs. He leaves an everlasting legacy and will be greatly missed.

  43. Elin Iversen

    So very sad to hear the news, I learned so much from attending John’s courses. A lovely person in every way.
    Deepest condolences to his family , RIP John .
    Elin and Alice, Lily and Nancy .

  44. Deirdre ryan

    What a shock to wake up to. I met John about 18 years ago and his trust and faith in me as a dog handler encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a trainer here in Ireland. I still find myself repeating stories about him in my training classes and his theories and advice feel interwoven with my DNA. I recently published my first book and thanked him in the introduction…I had planned to send him a copy in the New Year.
    Sincerely condolences to all his family and friends. Rest in Peace John in the skies now forever

  45. Richard Edge

    Put simply the best dog trainer I have ever known and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for John. Thank you and god bless

    1. Vijay

      the greatest minds in dog therapy who has ever lived. RIP JR (John Rogerson). Condolences to Johns family.

  46. Louise Bennett

    Heart felt sympathy to Johns family.
    He was a lovely man and I enjoyed a training course many years ago with him. We all had a fab time and lots of laughs. RIP John.
    Louise Bennett

  47. Lydia Harrison

    I am truly heart broken.

    One of the dog training greats, taking the world on.

    I shall miss his questioning, enquiring mind and his outlook on life altogether.

    One of a kind.

    I will miss you dearly.

  48. Vanessa Bsirsky

    This is such very sad news. Sending my deepest condolences to the family. Just did the Ultimate Recall in May and loved it.

  49. Parizad

    I met John and Miya in 2019, when I pet sat for Nicky as they travelling for a dog training course overseas. I got to spend 3 days in his company, outside of a training session context, and learnt so so much. Just watching him interact with Nicky was a treat. I feel fortunate to have known him for a while and wish I’d got to know him for longer. Lots of love to Miya, Nicky, and the rest of the family. Please look after yourselves. John’s legacy will live on forever.

  50. Sandra Cobbold

    Such sad news, John was such a lovely man, he was always so helpful to so many. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP John.

  51. Emma Jenkinson

    I’m in total shock and devastated at the loss of our legendary dog trainer, mentor and friend. I have so much to thank him for, as so many of us in the dog world do. I feel fortunate to have so many happy memories to cherish and to have been with him just a few weeks ago.
    My heart goes out to Miya right now and please know we are all here for you.

    Memories of his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody will stay with me and make me smile each time I hear the song.

    Too late, my time has come,
    Sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all
    The time
    Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go,

    RIP John

  52. Veronica Hanson

    Shock. So sad. Parts of John’s legacy remain with everyone who attended a training course with him.

  53. Terri Everline

    I am stunned and sadden to learn of this loss. I learned so much about myself and my relationships with dogs, both my own and my clients. His knowledge passed on to us has made me the trainer I am today.

  54. Dolores Pamer

    I am shocked & so saddened to hear of John’s death. I have many happy memories of stopping with John & Moira. – lovely memories with Moira’s warm nature and a lot of fun with John’s sense of humour! John was also very generous with is time and in many other ways. I am also very grateful for all I learnt from him on his courses and for his help with different problems I encountered with my dogs. John was an inspirational trainer. I loved that he never stayed still with his ideas & methods of training. My thoughts are with John’s family at this difficult time.

    1. Jo Mertens

      So sad to hear about John’s passing away. I am shocked. But I only have warm thoughts about him. He learned me a lot during several workshops in Belgium. I will miss him a lot.

      My thoughts are with the family!

  55. Walter and margaret morton

    So shocked to hear of johns sudden passing so many wonderful memories we shared with him we won’t forget deepest sympathy

  56. Mary Kennedy

    Shocked and saddened to hear of John’s passing. A legend in the world of dog and people training. RIP John.

  57. Kathy Case

    Saddened by this news. Such and inspirational man. Love and thoughts to Family and friends at this sad time.

  58. Kathy Case

    Such an inspirational man. Saddened by this news. Love and thoughts to Family and friends at this sad time.

  59. Claire

    John and I are both devastated to hear of the passing of John Rogerson.

    We met John and Miya in 2016 at a working trials rally we attended and went on to host courses and training weekends with John and Miya almost every year from 2017

    John was privileged to travel to China in 2017 as a student on one of John Rogerson 10 day course and in 2018 he was honoured to attend as a guest lecturer

    John had an incredible understanding of dog training and behaviour modification, as well as an incredible practical skill set.

    We will be forever thankful to him, not just for what we learned from him, but also for his support and friendship over the last 6 years.

    Our hearts goes out to Miya, and John’s family at this very sad time. He will be missed 💙💔 xx

  60. Kerry Brown

    An inspiration to millions of dog lovers. My thoughts are with John’s loved ones.

  61. Jeff

    So sad to hear the news of John’s passing. John is the genuine and inspirational dog trainer that many looked up to. Condolences to John’s family.

  62. Rhoda Butns

    The best dog trainer and behaviourist ever. He influenced so many of today’s good trainers and behaviourists. With his passing goes a wealth of knowledge and true understanding. Thinking of his family at this truly sad time.

  63. Jeff Moore

    So sad to hear the news of John’s passing. A real passionate and inspirational dog trainer who offered genuine and well founded training advice. Condolences to John’s family.

  64. Jennie Smith

    A lovely man and a great trainer. You will be sadly missed across the Dog world John.

  65. Alison Wright

    Like so many others I am deeply saddened by this news. I do hope in time that the love and admiration so many of us felt for John will be of some comfort to you. John was hugely influential in so many lives and gave of his expertise so freely, Thinking of you all.

  66. Janet Martineau

    One week up on a course with John and I knew he had a innate deep understanding of all things to do with dogs and their management and training. My sincere sympathy goes out to his family on hearing of his death. He will be sadly missed. I admired him greatly.
    Janet Martineau.

  67. Jay Barman

    I am devastated to hear of John’s passing. He was a good mentor and friend. He changed how I think about dogs. I am so sad I will not get to have another adventure with John learning about and training dogs in a far off land. My condolences to John’s family. Following John I saw parts of the world I would have never been to. I am thankful for everything he taught me. Watching John sing Bohemian Rhapsody will be a highlight of my time in China.

  68. Barb Monument

    What very sad news, John was certainly inspirational & a fabulous trainer to follow .

  69. Marti Kincaid

    To John’s family – my heartfelt thoughts go out to you. Although it’s been years since I’ve seen any of you, I cherish those memories of being in Durham. I am so sorry he is gone.

    1. Phyllis Delvin

      Hearing this news made me think so much about John, his family, and many of you who have posted. John was brilliant and changed so many human and dog lives. I think about the things he taught us almost daily. he is still teaching us.

  70. Emily chu

    You are always my hero in my mind.
    Rest in peace

  71. George Quinlan

    John was an inspiration and helped and inspired me to become a member of The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors back in the mid 90’s. I loved how he pulled a Tom Sawyer and got everyone to help clean the rocks off the training field in Bend? Offered a prize to anyone attending the seminar that found the rock with the Red Paint mark on the bottom. The catch was that any rock that was picked up had to be tossed into a pile on the side of the field. It wasn’t until the second day of the seminar that he put the painted rock out on the field 😉

  72. Anita Crafton

    Heartbroken beyond words.

  73. Lisa Selthofer

    An amazing person and trainer. He will be greatly missed. Sending thoughts to his family and friends during this time.

  74. Jay Barman

    I am so shocked to hear of John’s passing. He was a great mentor and friend. He changed the way I look at dogs and the way I address dog issues. I am at a loss for words. I had hoped to see him again for another great adventure. Bohemian Rhapsody brings back fond memories of the Bad Monkey. My condolences to his family, friends, and students.

  75. Leigh Sansone

    John was a thinking person’s trainer. I will miss his unique perspective on training animals.

  76. Chris

    I’m so very sad for John’s family. Years of excellent advice and I miss his USA tours

  77. Jill Marie O'Brien

    Heartbroken. This is a profound loss for the dog training profession and me personally. John was so influential and I loved him. Working with him, Jim and I loved when he stayed with us. I am completely stunned&devastated. I can’t imagine the dog world without John in it.

  78. Jill Marie OBrien

    Completely broken at reading this. Shattered. My heart goes out to his family. I have no words at the loss this is to the profession and me personally.
    From me and my whole family we send our love to all that love and new John.

  79. Diana N Smith

    My heart is so sad. He did so much to teach me and others skill sets with people and dogs, His innovation in England transferred to world wide knowledge. My hearts goes out to his family, Mya and friends.

  80. Rachel Bean

    Absolutely devastated to hear the passing of John Rogerson
    One of the best dog men there ever was and ever will be. I learnt a ton of stuff from him over nearly 30 years.
    Hr was our Behaviourist at Dogstrust way back in 1994.
    We spent time in Thailand with Street Dogs and he made me push outside my comfort zone and also made me eat locust 😊
    Was supposed to catch up in Mumbai later in January.
    I will always be in his debt ❤️
    A natural dog person, very few left unfortunately.
    Devastated 😢

  81. Wendy Schilling

    I am shocked beyond words at the terrible news of John passing away so suddenly. Over the years John has provided many treasured memories of such fantastic times, especially our time in India. He was a complete one off and has left a huge legacy.

  82. Charlotte speller

    John, words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity you gave me. Your common sense approach to dog training help make me a better trainer. I feel privileged to have known you and not only will your knowledge be missed but your kindness, your humor and your amazing bohemian rhapsody rendition. Energy never dies and yours won’t either. Xx

  83. Jane Sharp

    My condolences to John’s family on your heartbreaking loss. A mentor and friend for so many years, he was generous with his knowledge and time, brilliant mind and sense of humour. He will be greatly missed.

  84. Elinore Vickery

    Deeply saddened to hear of John’s passing. It was always a pleasure to watch a master at work and to learn from John’s vast wealth of knowledge and experience of everything Canine. Sincere condolences to his family and friends at such a sad time.

  85. Iwona Bibillo

    I am in disbelief… RIP dear John. We have to treasure life as is so short and fragile. My deepest condolences to Miya and John’s family.

    And when I’m gone
    This world won’t stop…
    Another autumn will come
    followed by a white winter
    There will be another holiday
    Snow will cover our garden
    And someone whispers softly
    It’s been a year since he’s been dead…
    When in an old theater
    The curtain will go up
    You won’t see me on stage
    I will be there cloud
    And I will be watching
    Being there at the top
    How do you care for this gem
    What is life called…😪

  86. Fiona Somerville

    Such a shock. John leaves a fantastic legacy. He will be missed by many.

  87. John Hood

    Sorry to hear of John’s passing condolences to the family

  88. Hazell Williamson

    I held John in high esteem for many many years and kept his wise dog training advice as a basis for my own training and understanding. So very sorry to hear this news and a very Sad loss.

  89. Carole Husein

    I am so saddened to hear your news of John’s passing. He was inspirational, charming and fun. One of the best trainers , a real dog person. He will be sorely missed all over the world. Condolences to his family and friends. Xx

  90. Dianne Halsted

    Sending sincere condolences to you and your family and all who knew the lovely man that was John Rogerson. So sad to read this post. He was a genuine person who loved dogs and animals and did all he could to ensure people had the knowledge needed to give them the best life they could have. RIP John never forgotten
    Dianne Halsted

  91. Allyson Tohme

    Sad news indeed, one of the world’s true polymaths who shared his skills, knowledge and experience freely encouraging students to take the lessons learned back to their own communities to improve the welfare of both dogs and humans. His CSI courses were legendary and I am so glad I had the privilege of both knowing him and learning from him. My deepest sympathy to his family.

  92. Mardie

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of one of my mentors. He was an amazing mad and dog trainer who touvh d the lives of many dogs and his many students. I am honored to be one of them. His memory will live on on my life and my work. I send love and prayers to his family and close friends.
    Mardie Daul

  93. Dawn Cox

    I am shocked and saddened to hear the devastating news of John’s death. John was an inspirational dog trainer, generous about sharing his knowledge expertise and friendship with like minded enthusiasts.. He will be sorely missed.

    1. Wendy Beasley

      Unbelievably sad news. My heartfelt sympathy to all of his family. RIP John.
      Paul and Wendy Beasley

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