Testing Gundogs

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In the gundog world it would not be uncommon (in fact it used to be a tradition) for an owner to send their dog away to be professionally trained during…

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Breed Testing

  • Reading time:3 mins read

Of course, temperament testing in dogs is nothing new, when breeds were being developed into the various categories that we know today, the originators of the breeds had to find…

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What Is Temperament?

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The ancient Greeks, most notably Galen, Hippocrates and Plato, first formulated the four ‘humours’ or temperaments as regarding character, health and personality. These temperament types were defined as: phlegmatic (reliable,…

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Police Dogs

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Police dogs have been used by the Metropolitan Police since 1946. They originally started with six Labradors which were used exclusively for ‘detective’ purposes.  With the introduction of the German…

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