Retrieve Problems and Spontaneous Recovery

  • Reading time:4 mins read

1. Dog anticipates handler's command to retrieve. Cure - Simply get someone to stand several yards away from you and give your controlling command. Throw the retrieve article, and each…

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Redirection (Directional Control)

  • Reading time:4 mins read

In order to reduce any possible confusion in the dog's mind it is important that redirection training is left until you are entirely satisfied with the dog's sendaway in terms…

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Scent Discrimination

  • Reading time:6 mins read

Out of all the obedience exercises, I feel that this is generally the least understood. It can be, and usually is, trained as an exercise that follows on from retrieve.…

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Sendaway Problems (Obedience)

  • Reading time:2 mins read

1. Dog drops short of the "markers" Cure Mark several boxes one beyond the next and put the reward (method 1 ) just beyond the last set of markers, teaching…

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Sendaway (Obedience) or Go To Bed in CGC Test

  • Reading time:7 mins read

In common with most advanced exercises, the sendaway to a marked area is a combination of exercises comprising the following: 1) sendaway, 2) drop or down on command, and/or 3)…

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Dog Training General Principles

  • Reading time:5 mins read

When a dog is being trained it is important that the dog has a good relationship with the trainer in order to develop into an effective working unit.  To build…

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