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  • K9Tina
    2021-02-17 21:05:18
    woke some brain cells up
  • admin
    2021-02-16 18:54:24
    Thanks DaveyP Well spotted - it was missed by me when the notes were transposed!
  • DaveyP
    2021-02-16 18:26:33
    In the obedience section should note there is another level, that of Introductory, introduced to encourage new handlers. Agree with Della some great background information for newcomers
  • Della
    2021-02-16 15:18:46
    WOW these units are a sound basis for anyone getting into the dog industry And for older hands like myself its wonderful to read about some of the people who have influenced me over the year eg, yourself (obvs), Derek Freeman when I worked in a breeding kennels for GDB, Roy Hunter , having Rottweilers he was a great source of information, John Fisher etc . Loved it ... and I hate the computer LOL