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  • admin
    2021-06-25 13:48:10
    Yes there is a module 20 which will hopefully be on the site soon! Sorry for the delay!!
  • Deb.Byloff
    Deb Byloff
    2021-06-24 08:57:51
    Will there be a 20th module or does the course end at module 19? Deb
  • admin
    2021-02-24 22:28:08
    Hi Dawn, There is no quiz on this module at the moment - just the "Dog Breed Original Purpose" quiz on Page 4 - Required knowledge. I'll probably add one at a later date! Thanks Matt
  • Dawn
    Dawn Cox
    2021-02-24 09:40:03
    I couldn't seem to find the quiz that one of my friends has found, LOL! Dawn x
  • Shadow
    Linda Blackwell
    2021-02-22 16:11:41
    Thought provoking reading especially section 5 about the behavioural testing.
  • Della
    2021-02-16 16:40:18
    Great content, agree 100% with your sentiments that having knowledge of each breeds specific traits it helps enormously to get to the root of lots of problems x