Breed Specific Play Weekend, Nottingham, UK


Recognising the importance of play to mentally and physically stimulate our dogs and build that all important bond between owner and dog. Understanding dog behaviour can develop even more successful play, and will assist us in recognising what is appropriate play between dogs.


John Rogerson, is a world renowned dog trainer and behaviourist and will help you achieve the Ultimate goal to play with your dog in a friendly kind and more importantly fun way. This is a fun and practical weekend for handlers and dogs to get involved.


Ultimate Recall Course, Nottingham, UK


Achieve the ultimate recall in a friendly kind and more importantly fun way.


This course will cover:

•Training a reliable, automatic, non-negotiable, reality recall

•Building block and foundation training of the recall

•Relationship/influence building in recall training

•The chasing/emergency recall

•Sit and/or down on recall

•Freeze/stop on recall/running wait

•Distance/direction control

•Calling dogs off of distractions

•Out of sight recall (owner hidden)

Behaviour problem solving lecture, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand


2 Day Behaviour problem solving lecture

The 2-Day Behaviour problem solving lecture will discuss common training and behavioural problems mainly focused on dog to dog and dog to human aggression. Through the 2-day lecture that you will gain an understanding of why dogs become aggressive and strategies on how to improve them, and specifically address reactive dogs and strategies for dramatically changing behavior.

The Eukanuba Auckland Exhibition Centre - 743 Clevedon Road, Ardmore, Papakura, Auckland. 2582