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10 day True2Life® Dog training course in India ends

The 10 day True2Life® Dog training and behaviour course held in India from the 2nd to the 11th of December has now ended with great results.  The 16 trainers from 4 different countries worked with the dogs without using any food at all in training - the dogs were fed morning and evening as normal but no dog treats or food of any kind was allowed during training.  This opened up the whole world of training using hands, face, voice and body language to communicate with the dogs on the course.  All dogs were trained on basic plus some very advanced tasks including Assistance dog work and Searc

Behaviour problem solving lecture, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand


2 Day Behaviour problem solving lecture

The 2-Day Behaviour problem solving lecture will discuss common training and behavioural problems mainly focused on dog to dog and dog to human aggression. Through the 2-day lecture that you will gain an understanding of why dogs become aggressive and strategies on how to improve them, and specifically address reactive dogs and strategies for dramatically changing behavior.

The Eukanuba Auckland Exhibition Centre - 743 Clevedon Road, Ardmore, Papakura, Auckland. 2582